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Trevor Ganske blends environmental beauty and contrasting anthropogenic effects, along with the 21st-century terrain of the digital world. His attachment to the American southwest has developed a strong link to the arid landscape and its biology while experimenting with unconventional methods such as generative coding and laser-cutting. Dealing with issues of environmentalism and techno-futurism, Ganske investigates delineations between artist and machine, natural beauty and absolute randomness.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1990, Trevor Ganske currently lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. He received a BFA in graphic design from Northern Arizona University in 2013, followed by a Master's Degree in Museum Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2019. Since professionalizing his art career in the Las Vegas area, he has participated in several local group exhibitions and included work in the 2021 juried Bullfrog Biennial exhibition at the Goldwell Open Air Museum. His work is housed in local and international private collections.


Second annual juried art exhibition, the Bullfrog Biennial features art, performance, and music at the museum's Red Barn Art Center, near the ghost town of Rhyolite, NV. This year selected artists were prompted to explore ideas of diversity and desert, whether it be cultural or biological.

A third annual group exhibition, Stars of the Gallery III featured a variety of works by local and international artists represented by Priscilla Fowler.

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